OCTIDE IV Inj. (Sandostatin)3
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OCTIDE IV Inj. (Sandostatin)

DOH PM 046547

< Composition >
Each ml contains:
Octreotide (Acetate)..........................0.1 mg

< Indication >
Symptoms associated with carcinoid tumours, carcinoid syndrome, VIPomas, glucagonomas, acromegaly. Prevention of complications following pancreatic surgery.

< Dosage and Administration >
1. Symptoms associated with carcinoid tumours with features of carcinoid syndrome, VIPomas, glucagonomas: by subcutaneous injection, initially 0.05 mg once or twice daily, according to patient’s response, gradually increase to 0.1-0.2 mg each time, 3 times daily.(higher doses are exceptionally required). Maintenance doses vary according to conditions of individual patient.
2. Acromegaly: by subcutaneous injection, initially 0.05-0.1 mg each time, 3 times daily. Adjust dosage according to symptoms, conditions, and responses of patients. For most cases, the appropriate dose is 0.2-0.3 mg daily, the maximum dose should not excess 1.5 mg daily. Discontinue usage if no improvement shown after 1 month of treatment.
3. Prevention of complications following pancreatic surgery: consult product literature.

< Package >
1 ml / ampoule.