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DOH PM 022241

< Composition >
Each ampoule contains:
Orphenadrine citrate.............60mg

< Characteristic >
1. This injection can rapidly and effectively relieve skeletal muscle convulsion, so patients can immediately regain physical mobility and do not need to rest in bed.
2. This drug can relieve convulsion with rigidity and pain.
3. This injection is highly selective. It only relieves spasm skeletal muscle and does not affect the tension of normal muscles.
4.This injection is suitable to administer when other analgesics do not work: skeletal muscle convulsion increases pain level and delays muscle repairing. Where general analgesics anti-inflammatory agent can not effectively treat the condition, this injection can relieve such condition.
5.This injection is also recommended to Meniere’s syndrome and vertigo treatment.

< Indication >
Skeletal muscle rigidity, pain, sprain, localized skeletal muscle damage, herniation of intervertebral disc, back pain, fibrous tissue inflammatory, non-rheumatoid arthritis, bone fracture, anxiety after operation, tension.

< Usage and dosage >
Inj: IM or IV injection, when IV injection is needed, please inject slowly. If necessary, inject one ampoule (about 5 min. inject 2 ml) every 12 hours.

< Package >
Inj: 2 ml × 100 Amp.