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TOPRAMYCIN Inj. (Nebcin)

DOH PM 033942

< Composition >
Each ml contains:
Tobramycin (sulfate)..........40mg(potency)

< Indication >
Treatment of septicemia central nervous-system infections: neonatal sepsis; serious lower respiratory infection; gastrointestinal infections; and skin, bone, and soft-tissue infections, caused by P. aeruginosa, E. Coli, Proteus SP, Prouidencia, Citrobacter SP, and staphylococci.

< Usage >
The recommended dosage for adults, children and infants who have serious infections with normal renal function is 3 mg/kg/day, administered in 3 equal doses every 8 hours. For adults, children and infants with lobe-threatening infections, dose up to 5 mg/kg/day may be IM administered in 3 or 4 equal doses. The dosage should be reduced to 3mg/kg/day as soon as clinical indicated.

< Package >
2 ml × 100 V, 2 ml × 10 V.

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