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PARAFLEX Cap. (Keflex)

DOH PM 05445

< Composition >
Each capsule contains:

< Action >
1. It is acid stable and can be taken without meals.
2. It is bactericidal due to its effect on cell wall synthesis.
3. Well absorbed orally, reaching peak serum level in an hour, and endures effect for 4-6 hours.
4. Active against the G(+) and G(-), it is primely used for treatment of known penicillin allergy or penicillinase producing strains.
5. Combination of serum protein can cause reduction of antimicrobial activity. Paraflex combines less easily with serum protein (only 10% while cephalothin is 25%), thus Paraflex performs better than cephalothin.
6. It shows almost no toxicity to kidneys.

< Use >
1. Indicated for respiratory infections due to S. pneumoniae and hemolytic streptococci.
2. In soft tissue and skin infections caused by staphylococci.
3. In urinary tract infections caused by E. coli, Pr. mirabilis and klebsiella sp.
4. Bone and blood infections due to susceptible organisms.

< Dosage >
Usual dose 250 mg each times, every 6 hours. For serious cases, 500 mg each time, every 6 hours. Dose is restricted by doctor’s prescription.

< Package >
100’s/foil, 1000’s

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