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DOH PM 007822

< Composition >
Each 250mg capsule contains:
Amoxicillin trihydrate....................250mg(potency)

< Action >
1.Acts through inhibition of biosynthesis of cell wall muscopeptide.
2.Stable in presence of gastric acid.
3.Rapidly absorbed after oral administration. Diffuses in most body fluids and tissues. 60% is excreted as unchanged forms in urine.
4.The potency of Amoxicillin is twice as much as Ampicillin and is better absorbed from the gut.

< Use >
1. Septicaemiz
2. Meningitis
3. Lobar pneumonia (H. influenzae)
4. Acute otitis media
5. Acute sinusitis (H. influenzae)
6. Croup; acute epiglottitis (plus tracheostomy)
7. Urinary tract infection (proteus mirabilis; Esch. Coli as alternative to sulfonamides)
8. Typhoid fever (alternative to chloramphenicol)
9. Salmonellosis (invasive)
10. Septic arthritis (H. influenzae)
11. Osteomyelitis (salmonella spp)
12. Bacterial endocarditis (faecalis), alone or preferably plus streptomycin; pericarditis (H. influenzae)
13. Cellulitis (H. influenzae)
14. Gonorrhoea

< Dosage >
Cap: adult dosage 250-500 mg every 8 hours, orally. Child dosage, 20-40 mg/kg/day, in divided doses, every 8 hours.

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