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ALLOPURINOL Tab. (Zyloric)

DOH PM 023041

< Composition >
Each tablet contains:

< Characteristic >
1.This agent is an inhibitor of uric acid production, it can reduce the uric arid concentration in blood, so it is useful for hyperuricemia with gout and other symptom treatments.
2.Hypertensive patients can use this drug for effective hyperuricemia treatments.
3.After the drug is through absorption of digestive tract, it will be oxidized into Alloxanthine. This substance is also an inhibitor of uric acid production.
4.When using excretion of uric acid agent can not control gout, use this drug for a more effective result.

Daily dosage is 200-300 mg, in 2-3 divided doses. For severe cases, daily dosage is 400-600 mg, maximum daily dose should not excess 800 mg.

< Indication >
Gout, hyperuricemia.

< Package >
100’s, 500’s, 1000’s.

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