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BOH PM 026185

< Composition >
Each tablet contains:

< Action >
During infecting active virus, Methanol can strengthen host cell coordination of immunologic reaction. It can change polynucleotides structure to strengthen polynucleotides, and obtain build-up microbiological molecules. It also decreases in receiving foreign transmitter, clinical and animal studies shows that Methinol can act efficiently on treatment of the known virus infection.

< Dosage >
Adult & serious patients: first intake 2 tablets, then take 1 tablet every 4 hours ( 7 tablets daily). Usual maintaining dose, 1 tablet every 4 hours, 6 tablets daily. Or initial dose, 100 mg/kg/day, maintaining dose, 50 mg/kg every 4 hours.

< Package >
100’s/foil, 100’s.

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