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DOH PM 041487

< Composition >
Each tablet contains:

< Pharmacological Action >
1. Adult dosage, 2-4 mg, sedatives and relieves anxiety before operation.
2. Duration for 6-8 hours.
3. Like other benzodiazepine, Lorazepam can inhibit CNS reactions, and enhance calming effects.
4. From the pharmacological studies we know, administration of general dosage does not affect CO2 for breathing stimulation. Also it does not enhance meperidine for inhibition of breathing.
5. IV or IM injection, duration for 16 hours.
6. Clinical studies show: there are 85% of Lorazepam cases that combine with plasma protein.

< Indication >
Neurosis, tension, agitation, convulsions, sedatives, relieves anxiety before operation.

< Dosage >
Tablet: Adult dosage 2-6 mg each day. For taking in large doses, administer before sleeping. Daily in take is limited to 10 mg. For anxiety, initial dose is 2-3 mg daily, in 2-3 divided doses. For insomnia and short-term anxiety caused by pressure: daily dose is 2-4 mg, intake before sleeping. For elder and weak patients, recommended initial dose is 1-2 mg daily, in several divided doses, when treatments require higher dosages, first increase night dose, then increase day dose.

< Package >
Tab: 1000’s/bot.

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