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PANDOL Inj. (Haldol)

DOH PM 20782

< Composition >
Each ml contains (inj.):

< Action >
This agent’s major composition is Haloperidol. It is a type of Butyrophenone tranquilizers. It has antipsychic effects, including sedative, antihallucination, antidelusion. This drug has selective inhibition in CNS, it has little hypnotic side effect. After injection, it can immediately produce effect. It can also be mixed with drink for taking in (This agent is a smelless, odorless, colorless, clear liquid).

< Indication >
Schizophrenia, Mania.

< Dosage >
Inj: Adult, 1 ml each time, 1-2 times daily, IM or IV.

< Package >
Inj: 1 ml/100 Amp, 2 ml/Amp.

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