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ACUPAINLEX Inj. (Acupan)

DOH PM 026273

< Composition >
Each ml contains:
Nefopam HCl................20mg

< Actions >
Acupainlex can produce analgesia effect comparable to some of the narcotic analgesics. It does not have respiratory depressant effects and does not cause gastro-intestinal blood loss, and does not cause drug addiction.

< Indication >

< Dosage >
Adults: 1 ampoule to be injected by intramuscular route every 4-6 hours, 1/2 ampoule to be injected by intravenous route every 4-6 hours. 1-3 ampoules should be diluted in normal saline or glucose for injection. The maximum dose is 150 mg/ day.

< Package >
1 ml × 100 Amp

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