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SEPINE Inj. (Fresmin S)

DOH PM 023604

Each ampoule (2 ml) contains:
Hydroxocobalamin Acetate.....10.446 mg
(eq. To Hydroxocobalamin........10 mg)

Hydroxocobalamin is present in the body mainly as adenosylcobalamin which acts as a coenzyme. Hydroxocobalamin is more preferable than the cyanocobalamin.
(1) Pernicious anaemia, this drug is more effective than the cyanocobalmin.
(2) Due to its capacity of cyanide-binding, hydroxocobalamin could be used to treat cyanide poisoning.
(3) Higher absorption, concentration in blood, and sustainability than Cyano-B12.
(4) It performs a firmer bound to serum proteins than cyanocobalamin and results a longer effect.

A: Vitamin B12 deficiency; pernicious anaemia erythropoesis.
B: Neurological complication, subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord and optic neuropathies degeneration. Vit B12 is known for treatment of various conditions such as aging, allergies, eye problems, slow growth, poor appetite or malnutrition, skin problem, tiredness mental problems, sterility, thyroid disease, and nerve disease.

Once daily by 1 ml~2 ml, IM or IV.

2 ml × 100 Amp

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