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Panbiotic Laboratories manufactures and sells pharmaceutical products primarily in Taiwan. Its products include cosmetics, external agents, flavor enhancers, and anti-tumor agents, as well as penicillin and antibiotics. The company offers its products in various forms, including injections, tablets, syrup, and paste. It also exports its products in China, South-East Asia, the Middle East, Middle and South America, Africa, and New Zealand. The company was founded in 1971 and is based in Kaohsiung County, Taiwan. Panbiotic Laboratories is a subsidiary of UMeWorld Limited.




Established on June 1971 and located near a famous scenic area, the "Cheng Chin Lake", we have good quality water resource which is advantage for pharmaceuticals and food stuffs.

We are an integrated pharmaceutical manufacturer and produce penicillin, antibiotics, injections, tablets, syrup, paste and F.C. tablets. After passed the authentication of GMP in 1988, we went toward c-GMP till now. We followed the government regulations and international requirements and reinforced ourselves to meet the domestic pharmaceutical standards and ICH standards. In order to strictly control our products and meet the standards of PIC/S GMP, we started to build a PIC/S factory for producing Cephalosporin in 2008.

We have three main factories. The first factory is a three-storey building. It is the factory for producing penicillin. The second factory is a comprehensive building with seven stories. It is the factory for producing injection agents and F. C. tablets. The warehouses, conference rooms and staff dining room are in the same building. The third factory will be is the center for producing Cephalosporin. It is also the latest factory built to meet the requirements of PIC/S GMP. 

Pharmaceutical industry is with high-technology, low pollution and high added value. It takes time on R&D but the life cycle is also longer. Pharmaceutical industry is considered as an important technology industry in developed countries and is also one of the ten emerging industries in Taiwan. There is a wide space for R&D and we focus our development plans on R&D and promotion.

Many medicinal raw materials are made of crude drugs. It means that there is potential development space for pharmaceuticals industry. We targeted our development on the 5 main directions as follows: A. hypertension B. liver disease C. diabetes D. prostate E. impotence. We have obtained the patent of capsaicin in Taiwan, China and USA and we are trying to develop new drugs even it is hard to do. Besides continuous research, we also focus on the development of crude drugs, health goods and food stuffs


 Now we have obtained 201 domestic drug licenses and we encourage ourselves to obtain more drug licenses in the near future. We are intent on developing new generic drugs which meet the requirements of markets and we follow the internationalization of pharmaceutical industry. Investing into BA/BE is also an important direction. So far, we have 6 items passed BE test, meanwhile, we apply for BE for various products. Developing new generic drugs is the essential to develop overseas markets.


Basic on many years sale experiences in Taiwan, we started to promote our products abroad few years ago and our export amount is from zero to estimate more than twenty million U. S. Dollars on year 2009. Our export areas cover China, South-East Asia, Middle East, Middle and South America, Africa and New Zealand. We have got more than 100 drug licenses outside Taiwan and there are many licenses under registration. Accompanied with the PICS/GMP factory to be finished, our target export market will focus on USA, Europe and Japan market.

R&D HEALTHy FOOD products
Health food market is a big market in Taiwan and abroad. One of our products line is health foods, we already have some items at the market. Compare to the special and professional of pharmaceuticals, it is easier for us to enter this market. Enforcement on R&D of health good is one of our important work.

 Our factory passed validation c-GMP recognized by Taiwan Authority and toward to PICS/GMP. Based on superior validation factoryhigh productivity equipment and strong R&D group, we also welcome and accept the business under cooperative and OEM.

Service Zone:HK & Macao, China, S-E Asia, Europe, Nationwide