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Panbiotic has been committed to product development and international market expansion since its establishment in 1971. So far, 201 licenses have been obtained, and the scope of the pharmaceutical industry will continue to be expanded in the future.

50 years of pharmaceutical manufacturing experience

Since its establishment in 1971, Panbiotic has entered its 50th anniversary. Panbiotic adheres to quality assurance and the development of a diversified product portfolio, in order to penetrate the concept of health care into daily life, and to improve people's health foundation as the starting point.
During the outbreak in early 2020, Panbiotic Laboratories actively produced alcohol dry cleaners, donated thousands of bottles of dry cleaners to school children in Kaohsiung and Pingtung area, and worked hard to fight the epidemic with education units to prevent children from getting infected.
In the second half of 2020, we will strengthen the production and OEM of nutritious foods, and in the future will continue to be put on the shelves of Taiwan distribution channels.
In 2021, the epidemic will gradually ease. Panbiotic will start to stabilize the international market and strengthen the services of the Taiwan channel. The overall social health is our most important value.


Food factory establishment
International R&D cooperation

the year 1995
Four Projects of Cooperation with the National Science Council
The scientific research unit of the Executive Yuan cooperates to develop multiple anti-cancer drugs
The first BA/BE qualified product in collaboration with Kaohsiung Medical College
The food factory opened and won the Outstanding Product Award from the Consumers Association of the Republic of China
Develop the Southeast Asian market and obtain dozens of drug licenses
Developed markets in Africa, Central and South America and obtained several licenses
Build a new factory building, and jointly develop and research with scholars at home and abroad
Year 1999
There are more than 100 licenses in the overseas market
year 2002
The new factory GMP standard was put into use and put into the international market


Pingtung PIC/S GMP cephalosporin factory established
Restarting the food and cosmetics factories

Construction of Pingtung Agricultural Cephalosporium Antibiotics Plant
Year 2014
Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park Factory obtained factory registration certificate
Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park Factory passed FDA PIC/S GMP audit
Obtained the factory registration certificates for food factories and cosmetics factories, and was commended by export-saving manufacturers in the same year