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R & D technology

Quality Control Project

Researcher training

Quality control and R&D equipment keep pace with the times

In January 2020, the Kaohsiung plant built a network version of the chromatography data system (Agilent Open LAB CDS) control for chromatography equipment (including HPLC and GC) in order to comply with the requirements of "Pharmaceutical Laboratory Data Integrity Management" The completeness of the data obtained after inspection. In response to the accuracy of the inspection method, in the same year, we purchased high-performance liquid chromatographs (2 UVs, 1 DAD), gas chromatographs and headspace devices, ultraviolet spectrometers, infrared spectrometers, dissociation machines and automatic samplers And other equipment. With these high-end testing equipment, the safety and effectiveness of the drugs used by the drug users are ensured.

GMP standard equipment

Chromatography equipment: high performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph
System: Spectrophotometer, sterility test, chromatography data
Spectrometer: ultraviolet, infrared
Headspace device, dissolving machine and automatic sampler and other equipment.

Cultivate talents

Education Training
Organizational training of the Ministry of Health Service
Internship to cultivate future talents