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Pansheng internship opportunities

The quality control laboratory of our factory is a PIC/S GMP certified laboratory, and its quality management is in compliance with the PIC/S GMP regulations. The laboratory purchases many precision instruments and equipment, such as high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatograph, dissociation machine, electron microscope, spectrophotometer, and product sterility inspection system. The internship program strengthens the technical and practical operation of students in academic theory.

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Generic Health actively cooperates with colleges and universities, and the internship program enables students from relevant departments of the pharmaceutical industry to understand the industry environment and ecology in advance. Solid practice training, applying what they have learned, makes interns more confident in their undergraduate studies. Participants in the internship program will have the opportunity to serve at Genetron Pharmaceuticals after graduation.
Regularly conduct education and training for experimental projects, and send personnel to relevant institutions, such as the Aseptic Association and the seminars held by the Pharmaceutical Trade Union for lectures.