Panbiotic Laboratories donates 220,000 doses of antibiotics to Honduras.

Taiwan Can Help, and Taiwan is Helping!

Panbiotic Laboratories helps fight the global epidemic

Honduras, located in Central America, has recently been hit by two of the largest Category 5 hurricanes, coupled with the continuous double blow of COVID-19. In view of this, Panbiotic Laboratories donated a total of 220,000 "Panbiotic" Cefin Intravenous injection, as an international humanitarian aid, to assist Honduras. Panbiotic Laboratories pointed out that during the epidemic prevention period, Taiwan was relatively safe, but the continuing fever epidemic has not stopped. Therefore, the company’s main product and the "cephalosporin-based soothing antibiotics that can be used as drugs for new coronary pneumonia complicated bacterial infections Humanitarian aid products to assist Honduras with medical supplies. Chairman Tsai FengChi expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Honduras Embassy, the Pingtung County Government, and the legislator Zhou Chunmi for their assistance. This is an introduction and contributes to the global medical and health care.

Panbiotic Laboratories is a PIC/S GMP pharmaceutical factory, upholding "Integrity, transcendence, innovation, sustainability"And focus on the industry. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the concept of "take from society and use it for society". It has been investing resources and efforts in education, medicine and sports promotion for a long time, focusing on the improvement of medical technology and quality assurance. Also actively expand the international market, the market spreads across China, ASEAN and the Middle East and other countries. Panbiotic is committed to social welfare and laying a foundation for the health and well-being of the people, and will continue to maintain high-quality and high-standard pharmaceutical requirements in the future.

Zhou Chunmi said that Honduras is one of my country's important friends. The country suffered huge losses in November due to the typhoon, which caused dozens of deaths. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated, and this is the country in Central America that has been hit hardest by this typhoon. "It is the best national diplomacy to let the people of Taiwan extend a helping hand when the friendly nations need it."Zhou Chunmi said. Since the global epidemic has not yet slowed down, Panbiotic can help Taiwan and assist international friends. It is a touching and grateful thing. I also tell the world again. Taiwan Can Help!

Article taken from media interview

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