How do alcohol act as a role of killing virus? What are other functions of alcohol?

Kaohsiung Metropolitan Qing Lian Harbor City Interview: Panbiotic Laboratories Co., Ltd. Sends Alcohol to the Epidemic Prevention Force

How to distinguish different types of alcohol? /How to prepare effective antiseptic alcohol at home? /Why is 75% alcohol the most effective? /Which alcohol material is suitable for the sub-assembly system? /How to use alcohol to dry hands properly?

After the outbreak of the epidemic, a large pharmaceutical factory in Kaohsiung City, when it was difficult to find a bottle of alcohol, not only did not sell a large amount for profit, but immediately donated a large amount of alcohol and hand sanitizer to school authorities. Why did it make such a decision? The industry will be invited to explain, and at the same time, the industry will be invited to teach the audience how to choose genuine alcohol dry hand soap. Panbiotic Laboratories donated hand-drying agents to teaching units in the south during the COVID-19 pandemic. Together to safeguard the health of school children and prevent epidemics. In the future, we will continue to develop new products with the original intention of maintaining people's health. For more information, please seeKaohsiung MetropolisYouTube show "Add a friend! Dingdong".