Panbiotic Laboratories provides hand sanitizers to Students in Pingtung area during COVID-19 pandemic.

T.THREE NEWS|Reported by Lin Yiwen

Appreciate Jiang Guoliang, Director of Education Department of Pingtung County Government for issuing the Certificate of Appreciation

School is about to start. In response to the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Taiwan Genesis Pharmaceuticals donated 210 barrels of 4 liters, 300 bottles of 500ml dry-cleaning hand sprays and supplements to Pingtung County High School, which is about 60,000 yuan for Pingtung County schools. 2,000 faculty, staff and students provide materials for epidemic prevention and a safe environment. In order to thank the pharmaceutical company for its kind deeds, the Pingtung County Government issued the Certificate of Appreciation to Genesis at the Executive Meeting of the Principals of Public and Private Elementary and Secondary Schools (Divisional Video Conference) held in Conference Room 305, South Building, Pingtung County Government on March 6, 109. The pharmaceutical donor Cai Jizhen, the vice chairman of the board, expressed his sincere gratitude. The Pingtung County Government stated that in accordance with the relevant publicity of the Department of Disease Control of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the most basic and important anti-epidemic measures for the new coronavirus pneumonia are still:"Practice frequent hand washing, respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette, and rest at home when sick."

Vice Chairman Cai Jizhen said that as a member of the "anxious parent group", he deeply feels that he runs away with masks, alcohol and other anti-epidemic materials every day. When his family enters the house, they must take a bath and change their clothes first, for fear of children being infected. Therefore, Vice Chairman Cai provided dry hand sprays free of charge, and provided important anti-epidemic materials before the start of school in a timely manner for faculty and students to use. The anti-epidemic materials supplemented by Taiwan Genesis Pharmaceutical Factory will be delivered to the high school in Pingtung County before the start of school, so that parents and students will feel more at ease in school.

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